Prep event – CrossFit Ridderkerk – 10 August 2019 – Buddy Team

Njoya League Prep event/division
We want athletes (without competition experience) to get to know the competition element of our sport.


This season we are organizing 3 prep events, in cooperation with 3 amazing locations: CrossFit Castellum,  CrossFit Dronten And CrossFit Ridderkerk. But we also give you a taste of competing in a real venue! So, you have 2 events to get ready for our XL event in Breda. They are different competitions with diversity in the workouts so you can also compete at all of them if you want to.


Individual Registration
Because of our administration, each participant must register individually and buy a participants ticket. When completing the payment, you can indicate your Team Name and/or Training Location in the comment box.


Each event has at least 3 different workouts in a 5-hour time frame.


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Buddy Teams (FF / FM / MM)


Minimum requirements
We have created an overview for your that explains all skills per division. All exercises and pounds are set to a medium/high rep range (8-15 reps). If you are in doubt you can ask your coach for advice or DM us via social media/email.


Here you will find our rules about the basics of the competition, the regulations to adhere to, specific situations guidance, etc. Read them well!!


Additional information


Female Buddy, Mix Buddy, Male Buddy