Njoya League The Finals Coach Ticket 2019

The Finals Coach Ticket (SOLD OUT!)
During The Finals, you will be competing amongst the best teams to eventually crown The Best Performing Team of the Njoya League 2019.



There will be 1 coach ticket available for the team. This ticket gives access to the competition venue throughout the weekend. The athletes/crew area is only accessible to athletes and crew. This ticket does not give access to clinics/seminars. A separate ticket can be purchased for this.


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The Finals Coach Ticket (SOLD OUT!)
When completing the payment, you have to indicate your Team Name and Division in the comment box. If you have overlooked this, you can still report this via email: athletes@njoyaleague.nl, then we will process everything immediately. You don’t have to download or print your ticket(s). We verify your name on the list.


Here you will find our rules about the basics of the competition, the regulations to adhere to, specific situations guidance, etc. Read them well!!