Njoya League – Season 2018

Event information

We organize sports competitions with the main focus of athlete development and bringing people together by challenging them also in their communication & teamwork. The most important part is that everyone has fun in what they are doing – athletes, crewmembers and spectators alike.


With this sport we want to reach a broad audience and at the same time bring the community closer together, both nationally and internationally. This makes the event accessible to everybody: young and experienced, amateur and pro.


Aspects like strength, speed, agility and coordination play an important role in the training process. Training regularly at high intensity and using different energy systems will not only positively impact overall conditioning but also athletic abilities. Each event has at least 3 different workouts.

There is no upper age limit, but there is a minimum: you can participate if you are 16 years old and half of your team (both Buddy Team and Superteam) must be at least 18 years. That means that you have turned 16 / 18 years of age before August 1st 2018


Alongside competitions we organize seminars, clinics and demonstrations, called Invitationals. In this way we want to inspire, inform and educate people. During the Online Qualifier, we will invite teams* to join our demo team at an Invitational event. To uphold the best quality of these events, we work together with several event partners, sponsors and specialists.

*participation on invitation only

Minimum Requirements

We have created an overview that explains all skills per division. All exercises and pounds are set to a medium – high rep range (8-15 reps). If you are in doubt you can ask your coach for advice or DM us via social media / email. This overview can be found here.


Superteams (3 Male / 3 Female)
Male Buddy (M / M);  Mix Buddy (M / F); Female Buddy (F / F)
Male Buddy Master (M / M);  Mix Buddy Master (M / F); Female Buddy Master (F / F)


Prep division 

Main division

Master division* – Born in / before 1983

Top division 

*Master division is only possible in the main division and buddy categories. You will have your own ranking.


We are a team of sports-oriented people with diverse sporting backgrounds. No sport is too extreme for us. We believe that engaging in sports together connects people, and therefore like to do this on a large scale, where the we-feeling is central. Hence our motto:
By the community, for the community.


Do you want to be part of our AMAZING team this season? Not only will you get a t-shirt and have a fantastic time, we’ll also provide snacks and lunch during the day ;). You’d like to stay 2 days? GREAT! Then we’ll make sure you have a place to sleep close by and of course a nice dinner on Saturday. Don’t keep us in suspense any longer and let us know!

Sign up for our crew team!

Prep events / Prep division

The Prep events are intended for the fanatic athletes who have not yet made it to the final of a big event like Amsterdam -, Beach – or Lowlands Throwdowns and / or the Njoya League. These events are separate from the Njoya League Qualifier to Final.


We want athletes (without competition experience) to get to know the competition element of our sport.

You can see whether you are ready for it, what you can improve in your mental toughness, what your level is compared to others, etc.


This season we are organizing 3 prep events, in cooperation with 3 amazing locations: CrossFit Arnhem / CrossFit Ridderkerk / Mobilis CrossFit, Amsterdam. They are different competitions with diversity in the workouts so you can also compete at all 3 of them if you want to.


Do you have the motivation to take part in a competition? Or would you like to test your teamwork with your buddy and / or team for the upcoming competitions? Then this is your chance and of course the perfect preparation for the bigger challenge!

Next event: October 6th Mobilis CrossFit, Amsterdam

Q&A Prep events / division

Minimum requirements

From Qualifier to Final

We start the season with an Online Qualifier to give everybody the option of choosing their own level. When you sign up you will select your division: Main, Master or Top, and from that moment the average team scores will count towards the final ranking. The best teams from all divisions and categories will advance to 1 of the 2 Semi-Finals (Netherlands / Belgium) to eventually obtain a place in The Final event, 8 / 9 December during the SAP weekend.


Team members

Because we understand that sometimes people can drop out due to illness, work or vacation over a certain period of time. So if you qualify with a team of, for example, 10 people, you can decide at the last moment which 6 will eventually participate in the Semi-Final or Final.


Team composition: You can only change within the team with the athletes you have registered together with. You can not change during the event itself.


Buddy Team: you can register 2 up to 4 people, with a minimum of 2 people. So 4 men for Male Buddy Team, 4 women for Female Buddy Team, or 2 men and 2 women for Mix Buddy Team.


Superteam: you can register 6 up to 10 athletes, with a minimum of 3 men and 3 women.


Ranking: ALL the scores of each individual athlete of your team are added up and then we calculate the team average, placing you in the ranking per division and category. So NOT only the best 2 or 6 athletes from your Buddy Team or Superteam!

Online Qualifier

You can do the workouts at the location of your choice. It does not matter in which order and time frame you complete the 3 Online Qualifier workouts.

The moment you submit your score you are required to make a final decision in which category and division you want to participate in.


  1. Check the Online Qualifier workouts video
  2. Read / print out the Workout description / Movement standards / Judge forms
  3. When you have all done all the workouts, each team member submits their scores, video’s and team information. We will publicate the link to where you can upload your scores and team information, in the registration / confirmation email.

The deadline is Sunday 23rd of September at 23.59 hours.
Further event details will follow by email.

Q&A – From Qualifier to Final

Good luck, be safe and have fun during your preparations and the Online Qualifier workouts!

Semi-Finals / The Final

There are 2 Semi-Finals, as the Netherlands and Belgium are divided into two regions*.

South Region: 4 November: CrossFit Hasselt.
North Region: 18 November CrossFit Twente.


First we will publish the unofficial leaderboard of the Online Qualifier. Please note these are not official results yet. After review we will publish the final ranking. Early October you will know whether your team has qualified for the Semi-Finals*, and on which day and at which location this will be for you.


* If there is a huge difference in the number of registrations per region, this may change, but we will let you know immediately.


During The Final the best teams will come together in Veldhoven, to eventually crown The Best Performing Team of the Njoya League 2018.

Note: Comparing last year to this year, the competition area will be almost twice as big!


Spectator tickets

You can buy your tickets here to cheer / coach your favorite athletes. There are different options per event. You can buy a single ticket or buy a group package with a nice discount.

Register here!

Registration for athletes

You can buy your tickets for the Prep events or The Online Qualifier here. Because of our administration each participant must register individually and buy an athlete ticket.

Register here!

Prep event registration

During the registration process via the webshop, you choose which category to compete in: Superteam, Male Buddy, Mix Buddy or Female Buddy team. When completing the payment, you can indicate your Team Name and / or Training Location in the comment box.

Register here!

Online Qualifier registration

The Online Qualifier is performed by each athlete on her / his own, although you are signed up with a team. The average of the scores of all team members will be your team score and will result into the placement ranking. The moment you submit your score you are required to make a final decision in which category and division you want to participate in.

Once you know whether you have qualified for the Semi-Finals or Finals you will also be able to buy those tickets here.

Register here!



Here you will find our rules about the basics of the competition, the regulations to adhere to, specific situations guidance, etc. Read them well!

Click here for the Dutch rulebook
(English version will be online soon, sorry!)


The event could not take place without cooperation with companies that have the same way of thinking and / or credo as the Njoya League. To achieve our ambition, we have gained the trust and support of a number of event partners: Jetsign, To Impress, Assault Fitness, Monkey XL, Gorilla Grip, Bos Rubber & Beyuna, with whom we have started a close collaboration. Joint benefit and mutual loyalty are very important aspects of this collaboration.

During the events you have the opportunity to rent stand space at our competition location and / or to request a partnership. Through partner packages we want to increase the scope of the media reach beyond the standard stands, banners during events and / or online marketing. If you decide to participate, you will benefit from media attention before, during and after the event to increase your name recognition.

Invitational: Partner Up
Through a 20-minute presentation, an entrepreneur gets the opportunity to bring his / her business to the attention. We also offer the opportunity to capture this presentation on video. A promo film is made of the entrepreneur’s presentation, which is distributed before and during the events through our media channels. A partner-up is only possible in combination with a location during the FitFair: 24/25 November, Jaarbeurs Utrecht.

Fitfair is the two-day knowledge and network fair for athletes, professionals and entrepreneurs in the fitness industry. Through education, inspiration and participation, Fitfair distinguishes itself from traditional fitness and wellness fairs.

The program consists of 150+ master classes, business seminars and workouts divided over 14 state of the art conference rooms. Top athletes share their knowledge in the field of training schedules, mindset and nutrition in an inspiring way. Professionals will provide inspiring masterclasses about contemporary entrepreneurial issues for gym holders and (personal) trainers. All this in combination with an energetic innovative exhibition floor, makes Fitfair a unique event in fitness. This is the perfect platform to communicate our vision in collaboration with our partners, crewmembers and athletes!

We are open to ideas that can contribute to the event and that may lead to possible collaboration. If you are interested in participating in this event, please send an email to: sales@njoyaleague.nl with the subject line: cooperation.

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